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What is a transfer?

In the context of hiring a Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW), a transfer refers to the process of an MDW, who is already working in Singapore, seeks new employment. Transfer maids are MDWs have either completed their contract or are no longer able to continue working with their current employers for various reasons. Hiring a transfer maid involves engaging an MDW who is already in Singapore and has experience working in a household setting.

Difference between Transfer Maids and New Hires

When considering whether to hire a transfer maid or a new hire, there are several key differences to be aware of:


Transfer maids are readily available for immediate deployment as they are already in Singapore. This can be advantageous for households with urgent caregiving needs or those seeking a quicker replacement. In contrast, new hires involve the process of recruiting MDWs from their home countries, conduct virtual interviews, skills training etc., which may take longer due to travel arrangements and work permit processing.


Transfer maids have already gained experience working in Singaporean households. Therefore, they are familiar with local customs, household routines, and may possess specialized skills or language proficiency. This experience can be valuable for households seeking MDWs who can quickly adapt to their specific requirements. New hires, on the other hand, may require more time and training to adjust to their new environment.

Employer Reference

When hiring a transfer maid, it is often possible to obtain references from their previous employers. These references can provide insights into the MDW’s work ethic, reliability, and compatibility with different household dynamics. This additional information can assist employers in making a more informed decision. In the case of new hires, as they have not worked in Singapore, references from previous employers may not be available.


Transfer maids are typically associated with lower costs compared to new hires because employers do not need to bear the expenses of airfare, overseas recruitment fees, and settling-in program costs. This cost advantage can make transfer maids a more affordable option for households looking to manage their expenses.

It’s important to note that both transfer maids and new hires have their own set of advantages and considerations. Therefore, the decision to hire a transfer maid or a new hire ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the employer and household. Do contact Nation consultants for further enquires or clarifications.

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