Advance Placement Scheme (APS)

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Advance Placement Scheme (APS)

The APS offers employers the opportunity to secure the services of MDWs more quickly by selecting from a pool of pre-approved candidates. Under this scheme, employers can bypass the conventional process of searching for MDWs overseas and instead choose from a list of MDWs who are already in Singapore and have undergone stringent screening procedures.


How APS can help families with urgent needs

The APS is particularly beneficial for families with urgent needs for domestic assistance. In situations where households require immediate support, such as when an existing MDW departs suddenly or when there is a pressing caregiving requirement, the APS provides a valuable solution. By selecting from a pool of pre-approved candidates already in Singapore, employers can significantly reduce the waiting time and have an MDW join their household more promptly. This expeditious process allows families to quickly fill the gap in domestic support and maintain a smooth functioning of their household.


APS vs Normal Hiring


The APS significantly reduces the time required to hire an MDW compared to the traditional overseas hiring process. Employers can select from pre-approved candidates in Singapore, eliminating the need for overseas travel or reliance on third-party agents. This expedites the recruitment process and ensures a faster deployment of the chosen MDW.


With the APS, employers can conveniently review profiles and conduct interviews with pre-approved MDWs within Singapore. This eliminates the need for extensive coordination with overseas agencies or managing complex logistics. The convenience factor allows employers to make informed decisions based on face-to-face interactions with potential MDWs.

Transparency and Confidence

MDWs under the APS have undergone rigorous checks and assessments by MOM-accredited agencies. This includes comprehensive background checks, medical examinations, and verification of work experience. By selecting from the pool of pre-approved candidates, employers can have confidence in the credibility and suitability of the MDW for their household.


Who qualifies for APS?

The APS is available to employers who meet the following criteria:

Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) residing in Singapore.
The need for a new MDW arises due to a specific caregiving requirement or the sudden departure of an existing MDW.
The employer is prepared to choose from the pool of pre-approved MDWs available under the APS.

It’s important to note that eligibility criteria and specific requirements may be subject to change. Employers are advised to refer to the official MOM website or consult with Nations own consultants for the most up-to-date information regarding qualification for the APS.

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