Good service. Good maid quality. Best staff service from Jolene Chee. Highly recommended.

Eliza Lim 266 Days ago

Hired my maid from Nation, serviced by Ms Ivy from Junction Nine branch. Her excellent service and good attitude had help me went through the hiring process smoothly without any issue. Her follow-up had exceeded my expectation, and I’m very happy with her service.

Lina Chua 268 Days ago

Excellent service provided by Ms Ivy Tan of Junction Nine Yishun branch.She's very knowledgeable, efficient, helpful and able to communicate very well. With my years of engagement with Nation, Ivy is my first choice agent! Cheers!

Lee John 269 Days ago

I work in Singapore within 4 years and i am happy that nation employment agency is find for me a good employer... My previous agent is maam Ivy Ang from woodlands office... Im going to renew another two years contract with my same employer... Thank u also to my employer..and the staff of nation woodlands for always assist me for anything.. ILOVENATION...!!!!!!!

Rose Castillo Jose 270 Days ago

Great service from lvy at nation Yishun, gd helper recommendation from her appreciation through my heart.. Thanks...

Cindy Choong Lai Har 272 Days ago

I am a returning customer and I have been served by Rachel. She is very patient and has promptly answered my enquiries. I highly recommend Nation Maid Agency due to their excellent service.

Joreen Toh 273 Days ago


Jacy Jeng 273 Days ago

i just finish my contract for two (2)years and i go home this coming wednesday,and im so thankful to get a good employer in woodlands office,the agent very helpful and im happy because they are so kind to help me out.

Jovenrose Ancheta Lañozo Pagarigan 274 Days ago

已经连续 10年 跟着Jolene 在这里。 她非常负责,非常细心。选择帮佣我一定离不开 jolene 的帮忙。 谢谢你😘👍👍👍

權凰 274 Days ago

Good service from Steve Chan. feel very comfortable each time I visit the Hougang Branch. Bravo

Tan Ti Cher 274 Days ago

Yanru, Jerry, and Rachel Goh are our service agent at Nation Woodlands. They are really helpful. Thanks

Apple Jia 275 Days ago

Mario was our servicing agent from Nation at Yishun. she has been very helpful with our journey in employing our helper.

Viruz Gal 275 Days ago

Ms Mario from Yishun branch is very professional and helpful in providing advice on maid selection, do's and Don'ts for employer and etc. will recommend to friends and relatives.

Eric Tan 275 Days ago

我巳经默默支持力业女佣中心接近20年。他们的服务很好。要是遇上问题都能帮我解决。服务周到。最近跟Rachel Woodlands聘请了一个印尼工人,目前照顾我的母亲与小狗表现很好👍 我也介绍了不少亲戚朋友

Sweu Kee Teo 275 Days ago

Walk in to the 1st maid agency. and after 20mins I signed with them . Very helpful n friendly Sale Consultant (Hong Wan Yi).

Morgan Oh 276 Days ago

Thanks to both Rachel and Jerry for being helpful and understanding for selection of Indonesian maid.

Radeah Atan 277 Days ago

Good service from Mary from Hougang Green Shopping Mall.

Nancy Low Mui Gek 278 Days ago

I liaise with Rachel from Woodlands branch. She is very helpful in sourcing for suitable fdw according to employer's needs. She always helps me to do initial phone interview with shortlisted fdw and then gives me feedback based on their conversation. She is patient and won't rush me to select a fdw. She will ensure that employer confortable with the fdw before confirming. Rachel is very prompt in replying emails and following up. She's a great agent to work with. Thanks Rachel!

Berry Jo 278 Days ago

We come to Huogang branch, take maid, staff , ms Jolene good service n friendly, I would recommend her.

Irene Pek 278 Days ago

Jerry & Rachel, from woodland not only was professional and knowledgeable in their field of work, there tons of personal touch to ensure we got the correct helper that cater to our domestic needs, also they ensure the little one as well care. Communication between helper to ensure the helper understands our requirement in the contextual nature of our household.

Florence Tkk 278 Days ago

We would like to recommend Ivy Tan from Junction Nine. She is helpful and detailed whenever we need her assistance. We have been liaising with her for years and definitely have no doubts to continue to engage her professional services with at ease. Great thanks to Nation and Ivy Tan!

Levall Lee 278 Days ago

Served by a friendly n helpful staff called Jerry from Woodland branch. Bravo Jerry ! �

Agnes Ong 280 Days ago

Friendly Staff Jolene Chee from Hougang Green Shopping Centre Who take the effort to screen through Maid who match our Request

Jeffrey Ng 280 Days ago

Provides professional advice regarding maids' natures, trust worthy.

Bill Billy 281 Days ago

Excellent service by Mary Kang. She’s very helpful and detailed. Able to understand the perspective of the employer and helper. Was an ex-customer of Nation for ten over years, however, the agency fee was very expensive as compared with other maid agencies. Went to another agency (HomeKeeper) and met with many problems, agent’s after sale service was also very poor. Very disappointed with their service. Hence, we are back to Nation at Hougang, requested for Mary who still provides excellent service. Really appreciated. Maid just engaged, currently looks satisfactory, hope will turn out good.

Vanessa Pong 282 Days ago

Jerry from woodlands office is very helpful, came to my house to get all the paperwork done as I was too busy and the office too far for me go to the nation maid agency’s office . I would recommend Jerry telephone ‭6365 7600‬‬

Rajm Mjar 284 Days ago

Very good experience for nation maid agency jolene chee,nice choose.

Li Du 284 Days ago

Ivy has been very helpful towards the needs of me and my family. She is able to recognise the qualities required of the domestic helper to help us. Thus, helping us find a good helper.

Jeanie Lim 284 Days ago

I strongly recommend Jolene from Hougang green shopping mall. knowing her more than 10 years. all my 3 maid get from her, she is very experience and sharp, understand the customer need to recommend the right helper. she is very experience, patient, very kind and helpful . trust me, you will satisfy with her services.

Sunny Yap 284 Days ago

We have been using Nation since a decade ago. I wish to recommend Ivy from Yishun branch. She is pleasant, helpful, resourceful and know all her portfolios well. Whenever and whatever information or advice needed, she is always there to assist and help to arrange all the necessary. We liaised with her since she was in Hougang branch. We even follow her when she is assigned at Yishun branch. She is the best maid agent I ever encountered so far..

Sandar Khin 285 Days ago

I would like to thanks Ms Mario Lee for a job well done in assisting me with my maid application. I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot! �

Sha Ari 285 Days ago

Assurance with total peace of mind, prompt and hassle free service.

Jaime Jow 285 Days ago

I’m with Nation Maid Agency many year because I like the service. And they respone to problem very fast .

Judy Lim 285 Days ago

Would like to compliment Ms Ivy Tan at yishun branch for her good recommendation during the hiring process of my transfer domestic helper.

Audrey Boo 285 Days ago

yes Jerry from Woodland Mart is very helpful .l manage to get a APS helper within a short time

Rose Chua 285 Days ago

I want to thank Manager Karen from Nation's Toa Payoh branch. Being a 1st time employer, there is a lot of unknown to me. Karen help me in my selection process, offer many good pointers and I appreciate her for helping to process the application smoothly.

Joanna E Koo 286 Days ago

Very good suggestion and service from Woodland mart Jerry and other staffs. Good experience, hope to get a very good helper here also.

Qz Liu 286 Days ago

Counter staff Lywin is helpful and professional

Jacquelyn Khng 287 Days ago

I was served by Rachel from Woodlands Mart outlet. She provided me a very good service.

Ivy Chia Choon Lee 287 Days ago

Was assisted by Wan Yi from Nation’s Toa Payoh Branch. Strongly recommend her services as she has been very patient, understanding and thorough in our conversations. Thank you Nation!

Alvin Lum 288 Days ago

I was served by Rachel and Yan Ru at Woodlands. They are very helpful. I will recommend to my friends.

Geraldine Tok 288 Days ago

Jolene provided us the excellent service. Also, given the constructive suggestions to source for the helper that we want.

Ho Sc 288 Days ago

Excellent service by Lywin.

Olivia Chua 289 Days ago

经过朋友介绍来到nation woodland分部找Rachel帮我们找女佣来照顾baby,之前只是听说Rachel服务好,真的接触之后才能体会到Rachel不仅服务好,而且样样东西都会帮雇主想到,面面俱到,给32个赞,她帮我们面试女佣不下20分钟,问了很多我们没有想到但是对我们雇主至关重要的问题,很有耐心,做事情有交有待。刚刚去把女佣接回家,女佣的东西他都会当着雇主的面交代清楚,会嘱咐女佣好好做工。总之觉得rachel算是比较良心的女佣中介,找她真的算是找对了人,接下来求神拜佛希望这个女佣是个好好做工的人。

Chen Chenchen Ling 289 Days ago

Good & professional service from Lywin (Yishun branch). Thank you !!

Nina Rahayu 289 Days ago

I like their services. I have been served by Liwin and I really like her service as she is very helpful, patient and efficient. So far the maids that she recommended are all very reliable. She is approachable and friendly. I strongly recommend her.

Anne Onimus 289 Days ago

Wan Yi stationed at Toa Payoh is polite and helpful. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ken Peh 289 Days ago

Greatly served by Rachel from Woodlands Mart Branch, her friendly and helpful attitude, has gained customer trust and I will surely refer my friends to choose Nation if they need to employ any domestic helper !

Kim Chew 290 Days ago

I would recommend Jerry’s (Wan Kah Soon) service. As a 1st timer there are a lot of process which I find it confusing. Jerry took his time to explain everything patiently & clearly to us.

MeiLing Alicia 290 Days ago

Good service done by Rachel. good communication. Hassle free.. handle the problem fast.

Idah Abdullah 291 Days ago

This is the first time having a maid as I have never needed one until I start taking care of my 82 years old aunty. I wanted an agency that is nearby to my place for purpose of convenience. There were 3 agencies office at Woodlands Mart and I went straight to Nation thinking that I would just make some enquiries. I was handled by Ms Rachel. She was so professional in handling all my queries that I decided there and then to use Nation's services for my maid arrangements. Am so comfortable talking to Rachel and she has assisted me in handling the papers as well as giving me advices on maid's issues. Will be taking a new maid this coming March 2019 and have decided to return to Nation for the same.

Suhaili Maat 291 Days ago

The agent Mario is very helpful and friendly. It’s always enjoyable talking to her and receiving her help

Sophia Chia 291 Days ago

Thanks to Lywin of Yishun branch for the smooth transition of our new helper and the process of extending of our current helper and the purchase of air ticket all well taken care of.

Daniel Seah 291 Days ago

I would recommend Rachel from Nation Woodlands. She is very patient n caring. A very helpful n bubbly person. Competent n knowledgeable. She knows how to match an employer with the right domestic help.

Lovena Smith 291 Days ago

I went to Nation in 2007 to get my first helper. Since then, Nation has always been my choice when it comes to domestic helper related matter. Ivy from Yishun Branch has been a great help for the past 2 years. She's very knowledgeable, diligent and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She has been a great help in arranging the logistics seamlessly when I applied for my new helpers. Thanks Nation and Ivy!

Irene Leow 292 Days ago

Will recommend Ivy’s service at Junction 9, Yishun outlet. Very prompt and efficient.

Khoo Xuwei 292 Days ago

Many thanks to Ivy of Junction 9 outlet. Am completely satisfied with her detailed guidance and great service throughout the hiring process :)

Jessica Meng 292 Days ago

Su Ling is a very responsible girl and knows to respect the elders.

Diamond Choo 292 Days ago

Alicia from tampines has been a great help and adviser to solving my foreign domestic worker issues and problems. Alicia is responsive and never fails to get things done and has prompt follow up actions. There were couple of times when I encounter difficulties in terms of communication with my FDW and she helped to be the bridge and mediator to resolve the issue. Thumbs up to your responsiveness and close follow up action. I am happy with the services provided by Alicia and Nation.

Wendy Lim 293 Days ago

good service was done by miss ivy.. as she have given.. service to wan i wan... . n will recommend to my friends to her..

Celyn Cyy 294 Days ago

Thank you Ivy Tan from Junction nine branch! She is patience and knowledgeable in explaning the details to us. 👍

Alyssa Chong 295 Days ago

I would like to compliment Rachael from Woodlands Mart. She is very patient, friendly and has saved me a lot of troubles. Very great experience with this agency and agent. Highly recommend.

Huang Pei Yi 295 Days ago

Good service provided by Ms Ivy Tan from Nations Maid Agency. She was very patient with us and answered all our questions. Very responsible and follow up on all necessaries.

Francis Hii 295 Days ago

Nation at W0odlands Branch Yan Ru is very patient and very helpful. we got our maid the fourth time from Nation @Woodlands

Andy Tan 296 Days ago

I would like to recommend rachel for her service. she is professional and patient and try to solve the issues about the contract. have been using her service for quite sometime now

Lee Sin Yee 297 Days ago

I was served by Tee Yan Ru, Rachel Goh and Miaw Ping from woodlands mart branch. They are very patient, friendly, knowledgeable,helpful and professional. Lastly, the service is excellent as they will do their best and fulfil our request.

黛芬妮 298 Days ago

Well-served and assisted by Yan Ru from Woodlands branch for many years in the domestic aid for maids hiring. My family appreciates her personalised attention to details, making our engagement journey a breeze. Thank you Yan Ru and Nation! Thumb up for your services and best wishes to your business!

KokFai Lee 299 Days ago

I have been with nation for more than 3 years they are reliable. I'm happy with Ms Lywin from yishun branch

Wong Annie 299 Days ago

After 5 months, my helper, who’s an ex-Singapore, is still not teachable thus causing me constant inconvenience and not much of help at home. Nation suggested to have their trainer Mdm Lee to guide my helper. I applaud Mdm Lee for her tireless and zealous efforts in training my maid. She not just advise, but demonstrated with so much zest of the right way to mop, to clean, and to sweep. Within an hour she cleared up my store room that my helper has messed up for the last 5 months. She was very firm, confident and extremely strict. At the end of an almost 3 hours session, she hugged my helper and spoke words of affirmation to her. What a way to boost my helper’s morale! I am thankful to Mdm Lee for her work today. I am sure if such training was rendered to my maid before she started with me, many unpleasant issues and problems could have been avoided. I hope my helper will improve hencefort

Lynn Ng 300 Days ago

Hi, we have been using Nations for the last 6 to 8 years and was served by Ivy Tan. She has been able to cater to all our needs..... be it for our maid’s requirement for our family as well as our maids’ family matters. She has been very responsive and helpful. Would recommend friends and relatives to her which we have done so and they are also happy with her. Thanks.

KC Lau 300 Days ago

Great Service provided by Rachel! Very professional and patience in handling our case. Will definitely recommend my friends and relatives, if they require any domestic helper services.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Bernard Sin 301 Days ago

I was served by Woodland branch Staff Rachel, she is very kind and in urgently base to help me find out the helper for our family, she is very helpful and sweet. I recommend her to your needs.

Zhao Na 301 Days ago

Would like to commend Mario Lee for her great service.She was very helpful and patient with us and tried her best to fulfill our demands.Thank you for all your help!

Alice Pe 301 Days ago


Tby Yong 301 Days ago

Very friendly staff (Rachel)

Jach Low 303 Days ago

A good employee is an asset to the company. Jasmine Ee from Toa Payoh branch is not only knowledgeable but also a trusted advisor when come to recommendation of the right profile of maid to my needs. Follow up and after sales service is also good. Thank you for taking care of my case for the last 6 years. Keep up the good work, Jasmine:)

Too Mei Geok 304 Days ago

Very good service from yishun branch Lywin.. she serve us well and very resnposive.. she will also help us to find a good helper that match our needs.. thanks lywin ☺️

Wendy Lmt 304 Days ago


Joelin Bee Hong 305 Days ago

Im lucky my agent sir steve from hougang office helped me to look new employer even though I only worked for short period for my first employer.He never scold us but always teaches us how to keep fighting for our survival here.I will try my best to work for my new employer. I will recommend Nation to my friends who wants to come to work in Singapore.

Jonalyn Cariño Pugal 307 Days ago

Thanks to Nation Maid Agency at Junction 9 (Yishun Branch) especially to Ms Ivy Tan. She has recommended helper under APS and selected helper which suit our needs. With the helper, it's really lighten our daily housecore workload and allow us to focus on other important task. Thomas Ho Yes Ms Ivy Tan from Nation Maid Agency really give us her full support. We appreciated her assistance. Good job Ivy and thanks.

Chin ChenLing 313 Days ago

I know I made the right choice with Nation agency. It's important to get a trustworthy, knowledgeable and understanding agent. We were lucky to have met Ms Rachel from Woodlands Branch who guided us with our requirements and were very honest throughout the process. By far the best agency.

Tina Ismail 319 Days ago