Deployment of New / Transfer FDW

Nation currently places both new and transfer Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

  • Some may have worked in Singapore before. Do find out from our sales consultants if they have prior working experience in another country.
  • Typical deployment time for New FDWs: around 1-3 months. There are other factors which may delay or expedite the deployment time (e.g. adhering to embassy processes).
  • Advance Placement Scheme FDWs can be deployed as quickly as 3 days.
  • Transfer FDWs can be deployed relatively fast and may take 3-5 working days.
  • Specialised eldercare FDWs. This special group of FDWs have undergone additional training in eldercare.
  • Some may have worked in Singapore before. Do find out from our sales consultants if they have prior working experience in another country.
As your FDW may be new to Singapore, do spend some time to help your FDW adjust to her new working and living environment.

New APS Transfer
Don’t need FDW immediately Need FDW immediately Need FDW fast
Teleconference interview (e.g. Skype) Face-to-face interview Face-to-face interview
FDWs from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia FDWs from selected nationalities FDWs from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia

Must qualify for the FDW Concessionary levy scheme

Advance Placement Scheme (APS) for Foreign Domestic Workers

What is it. The Advance Placement Scheme (APS) for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) is a pilot which started in August 2016. It was proposed by the employment agency industry to enable faster placement and better matching of FDWs for employers with caregiving needs

Direct Hire of FDW

If you do have someone in mind to hire at the source country but are unsure of the process.

Our experienced staff would be able to help you with the necessary processes at the source country and while in Singapore.

Employer's Orientation Programme (EOP)

Nation is the only Employment Agency approved by MOM to conduct the Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP).
  • Mandatory for those who are employing FDWs for the first time.
  • Employers will need to complete the course before submitting the FDW’s application for a Work Permit. Details are on MOM’s website

Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP)

You must attend the Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP) if you are hiring a foreign domestic worker for the first time or have changed workers frequently.
  • 3-hour programme: Provides employers with necessary information on employing an FDW.
  • Topics include roles and responsibilities, providing a safe work environment, and how to foster a good and harmonious working relationship with your FDW.

Classes are conducted every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm, both in Chinese and English (alternate weekly). The course fee is $30.

Kindly note that classes are registered on a first-come-first-serv asis. Please register before coming down for the session. For further details, please call us (6665 8199) or email us (

Our EOP schedule for month of May / June 2019
29 May : English
05 June : No class – public holiday
12 June : Chinese
19 June : English
26 June : Chinese

Settling-In-Programme (SIP)

All first-time FDWs have to attend the mandatory Settling-In-Programme (SIP) before starting work, and within the first three days of arrival.

Nation will ensure the FDWs’ registrations for their SIP within the required time frame.

Medical Check-up

All FDWs are required to go for a medical examination to screen for infectious diseases and pregnancies. The medical examination is performed by a Singapore-registered medical professional.

  • Upon arrival in Singapore, and
  • Every six-monthly to screen
  • Employers have to bear the costs for the medical examination, and any medical expenses incurred by the FDW.
If you are uncertain and want to be sure about the health of your FDW, you may send your FDW for a more thorough medical examination.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Purchasing both Medical and Personal Accident Insurance are mandatory under MOM’s regulations

Insurance requirements for foreign domestic worker

Find out what medical and personal accident insurance you need to buy for an FDW.

Nation will assist you in purchasing the necessary coverage.

While there is a minimum coverage stipulated by MOM, we encourage all our customers to consider upgrading the insurance coverage to a higher coverage. It is the employer’s responsibility to undertake all costs of the FDW’s medical treatment (amongst other things like food, etc.) during her employment in Singapore.

Caregiver Training Programme

Nation conducts caregiver training programmes for our FDWs. Our in-house training centre provides a structured training programme to handle both elderly family members and infants.

If you do require additional caregiving training, Nation works closely with our industry partners to provide such a service. The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) also provides training programmes. These courses provided by our partners are relatively affordable, and you may be able to qualify for the Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) which AIC administers.

Find out more from our sales consultants today!

FDW HouseHold Competency On-Site Training Program

Training your FDW and raising her competency level is part of helping her to do well in your household. Each household is unique and has its own requirements. The FDW Household Competency Training Programme for your FDW will be customised to your household.

If you require this value-added service, our trainers will require arrange a day with you at your home based on your schedule. We will also customise the training to suit your preferences.

Do let our sales consultants know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Application/Renewal/Cancellation of Work Permits

As your FDW would require a valid Work Permit to work in Singapore, Nation would be more than able to assist you throughout the process.

Nation can help you to apply for a Work Permit via the MOM’s Work Permit Online system, or if you prefer, submit the application forms manually. Thereafter, we can help you to collect the new Work Permit card, and help you with fulfilling the regulatory requirement for the medical and personal accident insurance, and the mandatory Security Bond ($5,000).

Towards the end of your FDW’s Work Permit duration, a Work Permit Renewal Notice will be sent to you approximately two months before the expiry date of the Work Permit. The Work Permit can be renewed with 30 days before it expires on the Work Permit Online system.

Nation can also help you with the process of cancelling the Work Permit of your FDW when her employment has been terminated.

Do let us know how we can assist you in any of the above processes.

Liaison with Embassies

Passport renewal and home leave documentation

  • Passport. Having a valid passport is important for your FDW. Nation can help you to make arrangements to renew your FDW’s passport.
  • Home Leave. There may be certain requirements for your FDW to fulfil when returning home for their home leave. Nation can also help you and your FDW with the necessary arrangements.
  • Waivers. You may also enjoy some waivers on your levy, and postponing your FDW’s 6-monthly medical examination during the home leave. Our sales consultants will be more than happy to help you out in the process. The details of the waivers are on MOM’s website

Overseas leave for foreign domestic worker

Overseas leave for FDWs, including home leave. Includes levy waiver and what to do if the FDW does not return.

If you would like Nation to help with any of the above services, including assisting with the return passage arrangements, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Booking of Return Passages

You have finally reached a milestone in your relationship with your FDW. FDWs returning back to their home countries is part of the process of completing the journey.

Nation is able to facilitate the process of booking air tickets to all parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia for your FDW at competitive prices. We would be happy to assist you in this area.

Additional Value-Added Services

As a Nation customer, you have access to our range of value-added services. These are essential services which would help you to feel more at ease when your FDW is deployed in your household.

Counselling services
Our dedicated team of counsellors who speak the languages of our FDWs are ready to assist you if you require assistance in helping your FDWs to settle into their new work and living environment. They would also be able to assist you if there may be any communication gaps during employment.

Waiver of Security Bond Option
This indemnity policy which reimburses our customers in the event their Security Bond ($5,000) has been forfeited by the Ministry of Manpower if the FDW runs away. There is no excess, and it would include extra coverage such as accidental death benefit for the employer, building coverage against fire, worldwide purchase protection benefit and loss or damage to frozen food due to breakdown of the refrigerator.