Settling-In-Programme (SIP)

All first-time FDWs have to attend the mandatory Settling-In-Programme (SIP) within the first three days of her arrival in Singapore and before being deployed to the household.

At Nation, we will ensure the FDWs complete this training within the 3-days timeframe (exclude Sundays and Public Holidays). The SIP syllabus can be found on MOM’s website.

Pre-Employment Training

Training your FDW and raising her competency level is part of helping her to do well in your household. Nation has an approved in-house training centre to provide a structured training programme to FDWs before they are deployed to the households.

Our training programme covers the full spectrum of housekeeping and specialised areas of needs, which include but not limited to the following:

Care for Elderly
  • Handling slip and fall
  • Communicating with elderly and disabled persons
  • Learn to recognise signs and symptoms of illness and discomfort
  • Ensure good hygiene practices during feeding
  • Assist in daily activities, if necessary
  • eg bathing, feeding etc.
  • Monitor behaviours and activities closely for safety reasons
  • Elderly diet and meal timings are strictly observed
  • Ensure good hygiene practices during feeding
  • Ensure elderly on medication
  • Learn to recognise signs and symptoms that may indicate illness or discomfort
  • Prepare meals appropriate to the diet of the elderly/disabled persons
  • Perform simple physiotherapy activities
  • Ensure appropriate administration of medication and adhere strictly to the frequency and dosage requirements
Care for Infant/Young Children
  • Communicating with babies, infants and young children
  • Learn to recognise signs and symptoms of illness and discomfort
  • Monitor behaviours and activities closely for safety and comfort
  • Ensure household is child-proof
  • Ensure health and safety requirements are adhered to at all times in accordance with established health and safety standards
  • Ensure good hygiene practices during feeding
First Aid
  • Handling household incidents
  • Managed minor burns and scalds
  • Handle slips and falls
  • Wound Care
  • Handling chemicals contacts
  • Prepare meals appropriate for babies and young children
General Housekeeping
  • Perform house cleaning chores
    – vacuum and mopping of cleaning of rooms and bath areas, furniture and furnishings, remove spillage and stains, scrub and polish hard floors etc
  • Laundry – fabric care, different methods of washing,
  • Learn to use housekeeping equipment, chemicals
  • Make-up beds
  • Pressing of apparels and linens
  • Simple cooking techniques
  • Grocery shopping
Caregiver Training Programme

Nation’s in-house structured training programme for FDWs incorporates techniques and tips to handle both elderly family members, disabled persons and infants/young children.

Nation also works with industry partners to conduct specialised caregiver training programmes for employers who might require additional training for their FDWs. These courses are relatively affordable, and you may be able to qualify for the Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) which AIC administers.

Employers’ Orientation Programme

Employers hiring FDWs for the first time or have changed helpers frequently (3 times and more) must attend the Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP). The course must be completed at least 2 working days before submitting a Work Permit application.

The 3-hour programme covers the legal obligations as an employer of an FDW, roles and responsibilities, safe work environment and how to foster a good and harmonious working relationship with your FDW.

Nation is a MOM-accredited training provider for the EOP. Classes are conducted every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm, both in Chinese and English (alternate weekly).

Due to limited seating, all registrations are on first-come first-serve basis.

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