Provide Quality Service For Household

Observe good grooming and hygiene standards

·         Grooming, attire and hygiene standards are checked in accordance to standards before commencement of work

·         Hand-washing are frequently carried out after work activities and before meals using proper hand washing techniques

·         Positive body language is observed at all time

·         Confidence is displayed throughout work situations

Communicate in customer contact situations

·         Clients is greeted using standard and appropriate phrases in accordance with standards

·         Job scope and responsibilities are clearly explained to client where applicable

·         Doubts are clarified using active questioning techniques

·         Questions are answered accurately in a friendly and professional manner

·         Client's request are followed through in accordance with standards

·         Feedback on performance is obtained where applicable

·         Positive body language is observed at all times

·         Confidence is displayed throughout work situations

Handle work assignments

·         Work instructions given are followed through and acted upon

·         Work activities are carried out systematically in accordance with standards

Handle customer complaints

·         Client complaints are addressed in a professional manner

·         Apology is conveyed to client immediately if it is required

·         Complaints are acted upon promptly and accurately in accordance with standards

Carry out inspection of work done

·         Inspection is carried out systematically

·         Areas that required rework are completed using appropriate work processes