Understanding the Advance Placement Scheme (APS) for Foreign Domestic Workers

Hiring a first-time foreign domestic worker (FDW) may take an average of 4-6 weeks to apply for the work permit, handle all the formalities before you can bring her home and get started on her duties.  If you need help as quickly as possible, it can be a frustrating and stressful wait-out. 

However, do you know there are schemes that can help speed up the hiring process? One such programme is the Advance Placement Scheme (APS) implemented by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in 2016.  Participating employment agencies under this scheme are allowed to bring in FDWs and help them find placements with suitable households.

What is the Advance Placement Scheme?

Many employers are able to benefit due to the faster deployment time, and better matching rate of helpers. In the normal process, employers conduct interviews with prospective FDWs via video calls such as Skype.  With APS, you may interview candidates with relevant skills face-to-face and have a better understanding of their capabilities. 

Since the domestic helper is already in Singapore, she can be deployed within a few days to address your urgent caregiving needs.  This scheme is especially useful if you have a new-born baby or looking for a replacement helper to care for your elderly parents or have a loved one who requires assistance upon hospital discharge.

How do I know if I qualify for APS?

You will have to first be eligible for the FDW Concessionary Levy Scheme in order to qualify for APS.  The scheme is open to Singapore citizens only and they must meet any the following criteria:

  • A child or grandchild below the age of 16.
  • An elderly aged 67 years or above, living at the same registered address. This includes you, your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents or grandparents-in-law.
  • Has disabilities or medical conditions with at least one Activity of Daily Living (ADL) that requires long-term care, such as feeding or bathing.

Once approved, you will pay a concessionary rate of $60 a month instead of $300 and qualify for APS.

Get Started on Hiring an APS FDW

Apart from APS, you can apply for other useful programmes such as the Home Caregiving Grant, Joint Income or Sponsorship Scheme which will aid you throughout your journey as a domestic helper employer.

For more information on APS domestic helpers, feel free to contact Nation for assistance. As one of the pioneer participating employment agency under APS, we can help source for your helper at a faster rate, especially for households who urgently need the extra assistance.

To ensure a clean, healthy and happy home, it is important to find a reliable employment agency that will provide well-trained domestic helpers for your family. Since 1992, Nation has been providing trained foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to over 50,000 households in Singapore.

Get in touch with us to start looking for the most suitable domestic helper for you and your family today.